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Are you scared of the DART?

Are you scared of the DART?

Christian Reyes, Staff Writer | November 12, 2023
This story takes place in Pearl Arts District when I was 17. The day was long and at this point I was just kinda over things. When I left the train I was stopped by a guy right outside the train station. I’m not gonna lie when I say Dallas is the safest, especially around the train stations. The guy asked if I had any spare change and I told him the truth. “Nah, all my money is in the bank.” He later got confrontational. I pulled out my wallet...
Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Tracey Nicholas, Staff Writer | October 31, 2023
A cancer walk that went beyond the ordinary provided a chance for individuals from all walks of life to come together in support of those impacted by cancer on a crisp Saturday morning in Las Colinas. The Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure event brought together individuals with a common goal: to demonstrate solidarity with those currently fighting the battle and to celebrate the remarkable survivors who have conquered this formidable adversary...
Windows cracked on one the DART trains, possibly broken during one of many fights that occur on DART.

Are you afraid of the DART?

Christian Reyes, Staff Writer | October 25, 2023
If you grew up in Dallas, you have definitely seen the yellow arrow of DART. Dallas Area Rapid Transit has been an important part of my life providing me transportation since I was 4. Over time you pick up more knowledge and unspoken rules of the transit and ways to make sure you’re safe. To not sugar coat, it DART isn’t always the safest and/or cleanest; these stories about DART will provide infor- mation on things to avoid and what to look out for when it comes to taking the public transport around Dallas...
Traveling the world for summer vacation

Traveling the world for summer vacation

Jesse Serrano, Layout & Design Editor | September 5, 2023
Summer vacation can be a great time to rest and unwind with the right company and the right air conditioning, or to kick things into high gear with summer classes if that’s more your speed. Beating the heat and staying productive needn’t be mutually exclusive, though, and there are some more exotic ways to pull that off if you feel the burning desire to do so. Besides the hectic scramble to prepare for and attend nationals for SkillsUSA in Atlanta, I also took the leap to attend a developer seminar in the 1,000-year city of Lund, Sweden.
Guns in school zones:

Guns in school zones:

Raine Caldwell, Staff Writer | April 4, 2023
In the event of a school shooter, I was told to run and hide in the corner away from any windows and lock any entrances. If I was in the restroom, I was out of luck. If I was in a hallway, I had to hope that a teacher would open the door to let me in and hide with them. When I experienced a gun incident, all of the rules went out the window, and the fear of being shot crept inside my mind.
Vladimir Putin suspends Russia’s participation in a nuclear arms treaty with the U.S.

Opinion: Are we drawing closer to a world war?

Keturah Jones, Staff Writer | March 21, 2023
Russian President Vladimir Putin pulled out of the nuclear treaty with the U.S. China appears ready to send weapons to Russia and told the U.S. to butt out. Karen Shakhnazarov, a Russian-born movie producer and playwright who once supported Putin’s efforts, is now saying, “Russia is losing the war and should remove their troops from the invasion of Ukraine.”
Rickys TAKE 5 - Valentines Day Edition

Ricky’s TAKE 5 – Valentine’s Day Edition

Ricky Miller, Entertainment Editor | February 13, 2023

ABBA Mania’ hits Dallas

ABBA Mania’ hits Dallas

Raymond Pronk, Staff Writer | February 9, 2023
After 40 years, ABBA is back and better than ever. The ABBA Mania concert is currently touring the U.S. and is scheduled to play at 8 p.m. on March 1 at the Majestic Theatre in Dallas. In 1974, the Swedish group ABBA won the annual Eurovision Song Contest at the Brighton Dome in England with the song “Waterloo.”
Rickys TAKE 5 movie reviews

Ricky’s TAKE 5 movie reviews

Ricky Miller, Entertainment Editor | February 4, 2023


COLUMN: ‘Dr. Strangelove’ remains relevant about modern issues

April 11, 2022

If you believe climate change is an existential life and death threat to the planet, what could be the triggering event? A thermonuclear war between the Soviet Union, now Russia, and the U.S. would drastically change the planet’s climate. Once a nuclear weapon explodes over one of Soviet’s nuclear missile bases, a Soviet doomsday device automatically explodes nuclear bombs jacketed with “cobalt- thorium G” against the attacking nation, the U.S.

The world’s climate would be contaminated with radioactive nuclear fallout for 93 years. This is exactly what happens in “Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb,” the classic black comedy satire of the Cold War directed, produced and co-written by Stanly Kubrick.


COLUMN: Abortion rights are human rights

December 7, 2021

Abortion is one of the most emotionally potent political controversies of the last half century. The issue that raises such visceral reaction is the status of the fetus and its right to life. The position of many anti-abortionists is that life begins upon conception, and therefore, abortion is murder. The issue of abortion thus forces a delineation of the nature of an individual and the associated rights. The rights and the autonomy of the pregnant individual must not be considered in abstraction from the consequences of defending the right-to-life of the fetus. The end-goal of The Texas Heartbeat Act — the most restrictive abortion law in America — can be distilled to government-mandated forced births rooted in religious tenets that serves to threaten foundational human rights.


Student gives her account of Astroworld tragedy

November 17, 2021

On Nov. 5 at 10 a.m., my boyfriend and I got in the car and drove to Houston, excited to attend our second Astroworld. We expected to see 21 artists, not counting surprise guests, in the span of two days.

Arriving at the festival was probably the easiest thing we had done all day. Houston’s public transportation service, Metro, securely dropped us at the stadium where the festival was held. The grounds were filled with cops on foot and on horseback, which made us feel, unlike other years, that they had the crowd under control.

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