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Chronicle Editor-In-Chief Aislyn Smith speaks to the Dallas College Board of Trustees.

Richland Student Media takes the spotlight

Malak Elkady, Staff Writer | November 29, 2023
The Richland Student Media team found itself in the spotlight as members were invited to attend the Dallas College Board of Trustees meeting on Nov. 7. The invitation was extended to hear firsthand accounts of the students’ experiences at this year’s ACP/CMA Fall National College Media Convention in Atlanta, making it an evening of recognition and celebration. Representing the talent from...
Sophia Barba, left, and Brian Jose Rodriguez pose with their swag at the College Activities Board booth.

Club Carnival comes to El Paso Hall

Jason Tejeda, Staff Photographer | November 28, 2023


STUDENT VIEWPOINTS: Favorite Thanksgiving foods

STUDENT VIEWPOINTS: Favorite Thanksgiving foods

November 23, 2023
Ais Bannister: “We usually cook at my grandma’s house – turkey, mash potatoes, green beans, dinner rolls, just lost of stereotypical Thanksgiving food.” Jasmine Gambia: “For Thanksgiving, I’m going back home to my parents’ main house. We’re going to hangout. It’s nothing formal, it’s just Filipino food, it’s traditional stuff like grilled pork, exotic stuff.”
STUDENT VIEWPOINTS: Thanksgiving traditions

STUDENT VIEWPOINTS: Thanksgiving traditions

November 21, 2023
Aster Pearson: “Thanksgiving I’d usually go to on my father’s side. We’d usually go to my grandmother’s, but then with my mother it’s an entirely different deal.” Lan Vu: “I’ve been here for two semesters. I don’t know maybe going around the city. I haven’t really planned out for Thanksgiving.”
Students attend a recent Crossing Cultures event.

Crossing Cultures meets the Holidays for Thanksgiving

Malak Elkady, Staff Writer | November 20, 2023
In an effort to foster a sense of unity and understanding among college students from diverse backgrounds, the Baptist Student Ministry, or BSM, at Richland is gearing up for its last events with Crossing Cultures this semester. This unique initiative, born out of the collaborative spirit of the Texas BSM and local churches across Dallas County, seeks to teach students about the different cultures of the world, and foster meaningful conversations with the different people in the school...
Richland Police keep campus and students safe

Richland Police keep campus and students safe

Ari Hernandez, Staff Writer | November 9, 2023
According to the Dallas College Police Department’s annual security report for 2023, there have been 16 on-campus crimes committed at the main Richland Campus from 2020–2022. The leading offense was stalking and the leading arrests were for drug violations. For students who feel their life or general well-being are in danger, the campus police are available to provide escorts to vehicles or for immediate assistance...
Erick Vargas-Rojas, left, runs through the script of Plano with Damian Gonzalez before the show.

Building a tiny world in ‘Plano’

Elise Stuart, Staff Writer | November 7, 2023
Will Arbery’s “Plano” is more than just a physical place. Sometimes it is a state of mind, sometimes an escape, and in some cases its own being. The play tells the story of three sisters and the experiences they have navigating their lives and the trials they go through. It also explores the idea that women learn how to treat men from their mothers.
Sofia Barba bounces through the obstacle course hosted by OSL at Ducktoberfest.

Ducktoberfest 2023: Thunderducks have fun

Jason Tejeda, Staff Writer | November 6, 2023
As a way to alleviate the stress and pressures of classes and exams, the Office of Student Life and Engagement hosted the second annual field day known as Ducktoberfest on Oct.23. The people and organizations working on this event envisioned a much-needed break and an injection of some fun...
Streak ends but Elliott continues to impress

Streak ends but Elliott continues to impress

Xavi Villarreal, Staff Writer | November 2, 2023
Friday the 13th is seen worldwide as a day for bad luck. Unfortunately, some of that bad luck fell on the T-Ducks as the women’s soccer team faced Dallas College Brookhaven Bears. The match was an extremely exciting one on paper since it featured the No. 2 and No. 3 ranked teams in the nation and watching the game did not disappoint...
Learning journalism in real time

Learning journalism in real time

Aislyn Smith, Editor-in-Chief | October 30, 2023
TCCJA or Texas Community College Journalism Association hosts a conference every year for community colleges to learn and compete against each other in the journalism field. These conferences are held at colleges all around Texas, and this year, TCCJA was held at Lamar University in Beaumont...
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