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O.J. Simpson dies from cancer at 76

O.J. Simpson dies from cancer at 76

Hevar Barzenji, Staff Writer | April 28, 2024
Former American football player and actor Orenthal James “O.J.” Simpson, also known as “The Juice,” died April 10 after a roughly yearlong battle with prostate cancer. At the behest of his family, he was cremated at the Palm Mortuary on April 17 in Las Vegas, the city where he had been living. Simpson lived for many of his 76 years without controversy and built a solid reputation as a football star. It looked as though he would have an easy-going life during his later years, but hopes of a promising...
Mike Johnson to be ousted from speakership?

Mike Johnson to be ousted from speakership?

Rolando Hernandez, Staff Writer | April 21, 2024
U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican representing Georgia’s 14th Congressional District, filed a motion on March 22 to remove Speaker Mike Johnson from his position as speaker of the house. This comes after Kevin McCarthy left the House last October after getting ousted by Greene. When comforted about the notion, Greene said, “It’s more of a warning” and also said, “We’ve started the clock to start the new process to elect a new speaker,” according to Associated Press. Johnson’s...
Boeing mechanics work in the cabin while building a plane.

Boeing crashes and burns… again

Malak Elkady, Editor-at-Large | April 16, 2024
After ongoing safety concerns and production delays, Boeing finds itself in the middle of a significant leadership shake-up. It is raising questions about the future of the aircraft manufacturer. CEO David Calhoun’s decision to step down by the year’s end comes along with growing pressure following a series of safety incidents, including a panel blowing off a Boeing 737 Max jetliner during a January flight. Calhoun’s departure is part of a broader restructuring effort aimed at navigating through future...
Past versus present: SB4 analysis

Past versus present: SB4 analysis

Hevar Barzenji, Staff Writer | April 15, 2024
An ensuing battle between Texas and the federal government has reached another stage with the onset of the state’s Senate Bill 4. Under SB4, Texas authorities at the state and local levels would be allowed to stop, detain and arrest migrants or those who are suspected of crossing U.S. borders illegally. Under normal circumstances, these would all be the duties of federal law enforcement and courts. However, due to record numbers of immigrants crossing the southern border illegally and what the Texas...
Joe Lieberman was a leading Democrat in the U.S. senate until his split with the party in 2006.

America says goodbye to Joe Lieberman

Hevar Barzenji, Staff Writer | April 14, 2024
Joe Lieberman, one of the biggest major independent politicians, died March 27 at age 82 from injuries sustained from a fall in his Bronx home. Lieberman served as U.S. senator from Connecticut for six terms spanning 1989-2013. He was also a nominee for vice president when he ran alongside Al Gore in the 2000 presidential election. Lieberman was a supporter of the creation of the Department of Homeland Security. He also supported a strong relationship with Israel, free trade economics...
COVID-19 protocols may have wiped out a prevalent flu strain.

COVID-19 measures help eliminate common virus

Malak Elkady, Editor-at-Large | April 6, 2024
Amid the COVID-19 challenges, a significant breakthrough emerged: The eradication of a prevalent strain of influenza. The Yamagata-lineage of type B influenza, once a significant contributor to seasonal flu outbreaks, has been absent from surveillance reports since March 2020. COVID-19 restrictions gave it “the killer blow which knocked it out,” said Ian Barr, deputy director of the World Health Organization’s Collaborating Center for Reference and Research on Influenza in Melbourne, in an...
Voices from some of the teenage victims of gun violence are being used to lobby US lawmakers thanks to AI technology.

Dead kids robocall US lawmakers

Hevar Barzenji, Staff Writer | March 24, 2024
They may have been killed, but they will not be silenced. Families of kids and young adults who were slain by gun violence in incidents ranging from suicide to school shootings are using AI to recreate the voices of their loved ones and mailing them to politicians in the form of robocalls. Recently, they created a website that allows anyone with internet access to mail an audio recording of a loved ones’ artificially recreated voice to a politician of their choosing. Their goal is to get politicians to ban the...
Refugees of Rafah in Gaza try to confort each other after a series of bombings by Israel.

A question of safety

Hevar Barzenji, Staff Writer | March 21, 2024
Israel’s planned assault on the city of Rafah in southern Gaza will happen despite warnings from President Joe Biden and other U.S. officials. When that assault will happen is unknown. Currently talks are underway for another cease-fire and the release of more hostages. If a deal is not reached by March 10, the first day of the Muslim holy month known as Ramadan, the assault will take place very soon. If a deal is reached by the start of Ramadan, then the assault will be postponed for several weeks. A...
Fentanyl is becoming increasingly dangerous, with the drug flooding the streets.

The American fentanyl crisis

Hevar Barzenji, Staff Writer | March 14, 2024
Fentanyl has been making headlines throughout the U.S. and North America for its potency, deadliness and addictiveness. The drug hit the illegal market sometime in 2013 and has been wreaking havoc since 2019. In 2022, over 100,000 Americans ages 18-45 died from opioid abuse according to the Drug Enforcement Administration. Seventy percent of those fatalities were the result of fentanyl overdose. According to the DEA, 90% of fentanyl comes from Chinese companies that operate legally inside...
Trump files appeal after immunity is rejected

Trump files appeal after immunity is rejected

Malak Elkady, Editor-at-Large | March 3, 2024
Former President Donald Trump is urging the U.S. Supreme Court to temporarily halt his federal criminal prosecution for allegedly conspiring to obstruct the electoral certification three years ago. Trump’s legal team filed the request on Feb. 6, stating they are preparing a formal appeal to the high court to take the case. They are seeking to indefinitely postpone the trial scheduled at a federal courthouse in Washington, D.C. The central issue revolves around whether Trump should be...
President Joe Biden and Taylor Swift. Could the Swift Effect be just what it takes to save Bidens floundering candidacy?

The Swift Effect

Aislyn Smith, Editor-in-Chief | February 18, 2024
Singer and songwriter Taylor Swift has been popular for years, both for her music and her journey, attracting fans and business alike. Recently, she has become popular for an entirely different reason, which fans are calling the Swift Effect. Essentially, Swift’s association with brands and people has greatly impacted how they are perceived by the public and, even more importantly, how popular they are. This has resulted in huge monetary and political gains, all simply because she showed support in...
Admiration and inspiration: Black History Month

Admiration and inspiration: Black History Month

Kee West, Staff Writer | February 12, 2024
Black history has been buried for decades and washed away. However, Black history has made America, America. From the creation of the ice cream scoop to the invention of GPS, Black history is one to relish. Black history has inspired many cultures, music, styles and languages, jokes and animation, superheroes, and religion, and as such, can be found in many aspects of modern culture today. Black history studies here at the Richland campus of Dallas College have come and gone. At...
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