Red River Hall construction continues this summer

Simon Pruitt, Managing Editor

Richland is growing. Next semester, the school plans to open Red River Hall, a brand-new building stocked full with fresh classrooms.

Red River Hall earlier this year. (Staff Photo/Blanca Reyes)

“We just want to grow all of our programs and grow all of our disciplines,” said Janet James, executive assistant to President Kathryn Eggleston.
The Red River building has a total cost of $36,537,817.

“What we do at Richland is we do our best to infuse into the college classes high school students, so that they have the college experience,” James said.
Red River’s classrooms won’t be limited to any particular subject. Those classroom will be for general purpose, so any discipline can be there. According to James, students studying any discipline could wind up having a class in the building.
“We have a number of modular buildings on campus,” James says. “We don’t intend to get rid of them, but some of them are aging. And the fact that we’re putting so many classrooms in that building is to help project for the future.”
James suggests that while Red River can expand the space for classrooms for the time being, it could become the successor to older buildings on campus.
“If those modular buildings would have to go away because they have a shelf life,” she says. “We would have sufficient classrooms without them.”
Red River Hall is scheduled to be open to students in November.