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Antisemitism or Islamophobia?

Antisemitism or Islamophobia?

Aislyn Smith, Editor-in-Chief | June 17, 2024
The Israel-Hamas Palestine war happening in the Middle East is a brutal and bloody conflict. Each side is fighting for what they believe to be correct, and unfortunately, it has resulted in innocents getting caught in the crossfire. However, the conflict has spread, and as citizens of countries all over the world take up protests, the violence has begun to spread. Colleges seem to be one of the largest grounds for protests, and students all around the country take up the calls of their side to protest the opposition...
Time may be running out for TikTok in the United States.

The clock counts down for TikTok

Rolando Hernandez, Staff Writer | June 10, 2024
President Joe Biden on April 25 signed a bill that would ban TikTok. The bill gives ByteDance, a Chinese company that owns TikTok, until Jan. 19, 2025, the day before the Presidential inauguration to sell it to an American company. If it fails to be sold within the time frame, it would be completely banned in the U.S. The former President Donald Trump, who is now the presumptive nominee for the 2024 Republican nomination, opposes the current president’s ban even though in 2020 he supported it...
Abbott during recent press conference on the Texas border.

Abbott limits antisemitic speech at Texas colleges

Malak Elkady, Editor-at-Large | May 29, 2024
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has taken decisive action in the wake of escalating tensions surrounding the Israel-Hamas conflict, and issued an executive order aimed at controlling what he describes as a “sharp rise in antisemitic speech and acts on university campuses.” The move comes amidst clashes between pro-Israel and pro-Palestine student groups that created concerns about free speech and safety on college campuses across the state. Abbott’s executive order mandates that Texas universities revise...
EDITORIAL: Land of the free isn’t actually so free

EDITORIAL: Land of the free isn’t actually so free

Aislyn Smith, Editor-in-Chief | May 27, 2024
The First Amendment is what guarantees Americans’ freedoms of speech, press, assembly, petition and religion. There is concern, however, that the freedoms offered by the First Amendment don’t make one as free as it seems. Many people in all walks of life experience inhibition of their freedoms in some way or another. Students cannot say or do certain things while on campus. People in an airport can’t joke about a bomb. Protesters are forced to disassemble when things get out of hand. But when exactly...
Mike Johnson to be ousted from speakership?

Mike Johnson to be ousted from speakership?

Rolando Hernandez, Staff Writer | April 21, 2024
U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican representing Georgia’s 14th Congressional District, filed a motion on March 22 to remove Speaker Mike Johnson from his position as speaker of the house. This comes after Kevin McCarthy left the House last October after getting ousted by Greene. When comforted about the notion, Greene said, “It’s more of a warning” and also said, “We’ve started the clock to start the new process to elect a new speaker,” according to Associated Press. Johnson’s...
Past versus present: SB4 analysis

Past versus present: SB4 analysis

Hevar Barzenji, Staff Writer | April 15, 2024
An ensuing battle between Texas and the federal government has reached another stage with the onset of the state’s Senate Bill 4. Under SB4, Texas authorities at the state and local levels would be allowed to stop, detain and arrest migrants or those who are suspected of crossing U.S. borders illegally. Under normal circumstances, these would all be the duties of federal law enforcement and courts. However, due to record numbers of immigrants crossing the southern border illegally and what the Texas...
Joe Lieberman was a leading Democrat in the U.S. senate until his split with the party in 2006.

America says goodbye to Joe Lieberman

Hevar Barzenji, Staff Writer | April 14, 2024
Joe Lieberman, one of the biggest major independent politicians, died March 27 at age 82 from injuries sustained from a fall in his Bronx home. Lieberman served as U.S. senator from Connecticut for six terms spanning 1989-2013. He was also a nominee for vice president when he ran alongside Al Gore in the 2000 presidential election. Lieberman was a supporter of the creation of the Department of Homeland Security. He also supported a strong relationship with Israel, free trade economics...
Who will win the race for SGA leadership in 2024?

Who will win the race for SGA leadership in 2024?

Angel Marcial, Staff Writer | April 3, 2024
Student leadership roles in Richland SGA are being vacated as the 2023-2024 academic year comes to an end. With current leadership moving on to the next stages in their academic careers, nearly all seats will be contested by new individuals. The Richland Campus Student Government Association officer positions, including secretary, treasurer, historian, vice president and president, and several senator seats, are open to any and all students at Dallas College. The intent to run deadline has passed, and...
Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson in 2022.

City Manager Broadnax resigns, deputy takes over

Malak Elkady, Editor-at-Large | March 27, 2024
Dallas City Manager T.C. Broadnax announced his resignation citing unresolved tensions with Mayor Eric Johnson and certain members of the city council. His departure is a significant transition in Dallas’ local governance, leaving the city without its top executive. In his statement, Broadnax expressed gratitude for the opportunity to serve Dallas and highlighted his accomplishments during his tenure: “I am proud of what I have accomplished and am grateful for the support I received during my...
Voices from some of the teenage victims of gun violence are being used to lobby US lawmakers thanks to AI technology.

Dead kids robocall US lawmakers

Hevar Barzenji, Staff Writer | March 24, 2024
They may have been killed, but they will not be silenced. Families of kids and young adults who were slain by gun violence in incidents ranging from suicide to school shootings are using AI to recreate the voices of their loved ones and mailing them to politicians in the form of robocalls. Recently, they created a website that allows anyone with internet access to mail an audio recording of a loved ones’ artificially recreated voice to a politician of their choosing. Their goal is to get politicians to ban the...
Refugees of Rafah in Gaza try to confort each other after a series of bombings by Israel.

A question of safety

Hevar Barzenji, Staff Writer | March 21, 2024
Israel’s planned assault on the city of Rafah in southern Gaza will happen despite warnings from President Joe Biden and other U.S. officials. When that assault will happen is unknown. Currently talks are underway for another cease-fire and the release of more hostages. If a deal is not reached by March 10, the first day of the Muslim holy month known as Ramadan, the assault will take place very soon. If a deal is reached by the start of Ramadan, then the assault will be postponed for several weeks. A...
Trump files appeal after immunity is rejected

Trump files appeal after immunity is rejected

Malak Elkady, Editor-at-Large | March 3, 2024
Former President Donald Trump is urging the U.S. Supreme Court to temporarily halt his federal criminal prosecution for allegedly conspiring to obstruct the electoral certification three years ago. Trump’s legal team filed the request on Feb. 6, stating they are preparing a formal appeal to the high court to take the case. They are seeking to indefinitely postpone the trial scheduled at a federal courthouse in Washington, D.C. The central issue revolves around whether Trump should be...
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