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Richland Chronicle 4/09/24
Richland Chronicle 4/09/24

City Manager Broadnax resigns, deputy takes over

Mayor says that the replacement process is ‘deeply flawed’
Former city manager Broadnax.

Dallas City Manager T.C. Broadnax announced his resignation citing unresolved tensions with Mayor Eric Johnson and certain members of the city council. His departure is a significant transition in Dallas’ local governance, leaving the city without its top executive.

In his statement, Broadnax expressed gratitude for the opportunity to serve Dallas and highlighted his accomplishments during his tenure: “I am proud of what I have accomplished and am grateful for the support I received during my tenure.”

The rift between Broadnax and Johnson dates to previous disputes, including calls for Broadnax’s resignation in 2022. Despite efforts to reconcile, tensions persisted, which led to the majority of the city council suggesting he resign.

Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson.

Johnson acknowledged their different perspectives but emphasized their collaborative efforts: “We did not always see eye to eye, but we still worked together to help move this city forward.”

With Broadnax’s departure, the Dallas city council moved to address the vacancy. Deputy City Manager Kimberly Bizor Tolbert emerged as the chosen successor to serve as interim city manager. Tolbert, a former chief of staff to Broadnax, received overwhelming support from the council. Mayor Pro Tem Tennell Atkins affirmed the decision, saying, “It’s not backdoor politics. It’s proof to residents that we can work together.”

However, concerns arose regarding the speed and transparency of Tolbert’s appointment process. Some council members expressed unease, with council member Cara Mendelsohn emphasizing the need for systematic consideration of all candidates: “I’m concerned about a rush to name an interim when we should be considering all possibilities systematically.”

Mayor Johnson felt the same way, calling the process “deeply flawed” and emphasizing the importance of prioritizing the city’s best interests.

Despite the challenges surrounding Tolbert’s appointment, Broadnax expressed support for her leadership: “I am confident she will work in partnership with the city council and lead our talented and dedicated staff to serve the residents of Dallas.” Tolbert, in turn, pledged her commitment to collaborative governance and addressing key city issues: “I remain committed to working in partnership with the council, staff, residents, and businesses.”

As Dallas prepares for this leadership transition, community organizations and business chambers have voiced their support for Tolbert. Harrison Blair, president and CEO of the Dallas Black Chamber of Commerce, emphasized the importance of Tolbert’s leadership during this critical period: “When you ride with us like that, we’re going to stand for you whether you ask for it or not.”

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