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Richland Chronicle 5/07/24
Richland Chronicle 5/07/24

Antisemitism or Islamophobia?

In the struggle between Israel and the Palestinian people, there are no winners

The Israel-Hamas Palestine war happening in the Middle East is a brutal and bloody conflict. Each side is fighting for what they believe to be correct, and unfortunately, it has resulted in innocents getting caught in the crossfire. However, the conflict has spread, and as citizens of countries all over the world take up protests, the violence has begun to spread.

Colleges seem to be one of the largest grounds for protests, and students all around the country take up the calls of their side to protest the opposition. These protests are fueled by actions of our government, such as President Biden’s funding of Israel and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s executive order calling for punishment of “antisemitic” rhetoric. The growing hate is equal on both sides, and studies are already being released that show this is one of the worst increases of hate in years.

New York City released a study that showed that Jewish-based hate crimes were up nearly 33% in 2024. The Council of American-Islamic Relations reported it received 8,061 complaints of anti-Islamic incidents last year in New York alone—the highest in the 28 years CAIR has tracked these incidents.

Part of the reason these tensions are growing worse worldwide is because each side has a substantial motive for violence—one that can summon sympathy.

After the Holocaust, Israel promised the world “never again.” They said they would never be subjugated and killed for other people’s motives and morals without a fight. The Palestinian people fight for their freedom, wanting a better life for themselves and their families.

They feel that Israel is taking away their rights and freedoms, and as a result, they are willing to do whatever it takes to gain that freedom from Israel. Hamas was formed to represent the people of Gaza. In the name of Palestinian freedom, they invaded Israel, and killed over 1,200 men, women, and children, including babies.

Israel, as a result, has fought back with everything they have, trying to root out Hamas and mete out judgment for that day. The issue, however, lies in the fact that Israel doesn’t seem to care who gets in the way and has killed thousands of innocents to reach their goal. Because of these mentalities on either side, some supporters on both sides think the war has become genocide vs. genocide, a message that people around the world are beginning to reflect on. In America, people on both sides foster these ideas, and has resulted in major conflicts. If you are on the side of the Palestinian people, then you are deemed by some as being antisemitic. If you side with Israel, you are deemed by some as Islamophobic. There’s no winning, and no matter what, people are condemned for supporting genocide. Unfortunately, attacks, both physical and verbal, have occurred as a result of this, and once again, violence spreads.

College students may be unsafe because of their cultures and religions amidst this violence. A Jewish student from Yale was attacked by someone she claimed to be a pro-Palestinian protester, according to CBS News. Three students at Brown University were shot and permanently injured for being Palestinian, as they told The Guardian newspaper.

Jewish students no longer feel safe entering Columbia University due to the increasing threats mounted against them by pro-Palestinian supporters. Palestinian students file for discrimination and assault charges around the country.

People shouldn’t attack each other for their own beliefs and religions, especially when there is a war happening overseas. Instead, people should stand together, showing that peace is possible despite ideal differences.

Instead of inciting violence, students should seek to end it, and instead of egging on the war overseas, efforts should be made to stop the killing. After all, there is no winning with the cycle we are in, and if it continues, it will only result in more conflict for everyone.


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