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Indulging sweetness in Richardson

Indulging sweetness in Richardson

Malak Elkady, Editor-at-Large | January 5, 2024
If you’re a dessert lover, Sugar-Sweets and Gelato in Richardson is a must-visit spot. This place is not your run-of-the-mill dessert joint – it’s spacious and somewhat fancy creating an inviting ambiance, perfect for quality time with friends or family. A charming outdoor area and an indoor photo booth add an extra layer of appeal to the venue. One of the most alluring things about Sugar is that they’ve got a massive variety of desserts. They have halal options as well. So, if you’re into knafeh or baklava and...
The Food Pantry at Richland is on the first floor of El Paso Hall.

Food Pantry and the season of giving

December 13, 2023
The Food Pantry is a necessity in the community. With the holidays in full effect this month, it’s important to keep in mind how we can help the people around us. One way to help is to pack the Food Pantry. It will accept donations through Dec. 15. Alma Olguin, the student care coordinator...
Cooking Demo held at Food Pantry

Cooking Demo held at Food Pantry

Malak Elkady, Staff Writer | December 11, 2023
In a mix of culinary creativity and community service, Richland Campus has been hosting a recurring event– the Cooking Demo. Led by the Student Government Association’s co-adviser, Vida Davis, and orchestrated by the duo of Lan Ba Vu, senator at large for student success, and Emanuel Kisin, senator at large for workforce and advancement, this series has taken the campus by storm. The unique...
STUDENT VIEWPOINTS: Favorite Thanksgiving foods

STUDENT VIEWPOINTS: Favorite Thanksgiving foods

November 23, 2023
Ais Bannister: “We usually cook at my grandma’s house – turkey, mash potatoes, green beans, dinner rolls, just lost of stereotypical Thanksgiving food.” Jasmine Gambia: “For Thanksgiving, I’m going back home to my parents’ main house. We’re going to hangout. It’s nothing formal, it’s just Filipino food, it’s traditional stuff like grilled pork, exotic stuff.”
A diamond in the Duff

A diamond in the Duff

Jack Gann, Staff Writer | November 11, 2023
If I had to choose one thing to love about living in Texas, politics aside, it would be the vast amount of hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurants at our disposal. Everybody and their dog will swear by their favorite hidden gem. Some are amazing, although most are truly horrible, just disguised by sentimentality. John’s Backyard Grill can only be described by the former. Located in North Dallas, just a half mile from Preston Green...
State Fair of Texas 2023

State Fair of Texas 2023

October 21, 2023
Whether it's the food, the rides, games on the midway or Big Tex himself, Chronicle staffers document the State Fair of Texas for 2023...
The food pantry at Richland Campus in open in the summer.

Feeding people over the summer

Blanca Reyes, Editor-in-Chief | June 27, 2023
Summer, for many, means vacations, sun and fun. However, things do not always get easier, and sometimes, summer also means food uncertainty. When that’s  the case, the Dallas College food pantry on the Richland campus  is here to help. Since the regular semester is over, many students and members of the community might have not access to some resources, but the Richland Basic Needs and Community Connections Department is not taking any break from their mission. The food pantry remains open during the summer months.

Farmer’s Fridge vending hits campus

December 14, 2022

When walking through El Paso Hall on the Richland campus of Dallas College, passersby will notice a new vending machine. However, this machine is not like the others. The food inside is totally different than other vending machines students are used to seeing on college campuses.

“Farmer’s Fridge is on a mission to make fresh fruits and vegetables accessible to everyone,” Natalie Oxman, marketing specialist at Farmer’s Fridge said.

According to Oxman, each machine is stocked with fresh food based on the demands of the specific location where the machines are placed. These machines can be found in airports, hospitals, office buildings and on college campuses among others.


Food pantry at Richland just keeps feeding

Raine Caldwell, Staff Writer | December 1, 2022

Students at Dallas college can count on the staff and administrators to always have their best interest at heart, because it is more than just a college. It is a community college and as a community, it is important for all members to have basic necessities. This is why the food pantry at Richland Campus welcomes all students in need. Whether it is a snack between meals or dinner for the week, students can count on the pantry Monday through Thursday.

The Richland Pantry prides itself with its employees and work study staff. They are students’ peers who walk the same campus as students every day. They are the ones who make everything happen. When students come through the door, they are greeted and welcomed by staff with a smile, creating a safe space for those in need.


Bringing smiles one snack at a time

December 1, 2022

“If it just brings a person the smallest amount of joy, there is no tag that you can put on. So it is a sacrifice that I’m willing to make and because we’re married, he does the same by default. You have to make the sacrifice,” Melody Barnes said to her husband Marvin when he used to question her about her tradition of buying snacks for everybody who needs them.

Melody Barnes is a continuing education coach at Richland campus. She not only helps students register for classes and guide them about the courses they need to take based on their career and life goals, but she also brings joy and hope one snack at the time.


Same burgers, same style – Del’s Charcoal Burgers has been serving customers for more than 60 years

April 24, 2021

After 64 years and six changes in ownership, Del’s Charcoal Burgers is still serving juicy burgers to Richardson residents— even during a pandemic. According to owner, Iranian native Hossein “Hoss” Taherzadeh, the doors of this iconic local restaurant have been open for more than half a century.


Tea Town serves Filipino treats

November 12, 2020

Tea Town is a Filipino-owned tea shop located on West 15th Street in Plano that sells teas, coffee, smoothies and popular delicacies in the Filipino culture.

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