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Richland Chronicle 4/09/24
Richland Chronicle 4/09/24

The Swift Effect

Can Taylor Swift save Biden’s campaign?
Photos/Associated Press
President Joe Biden and Taylor Swift. Could the Swift Effect be just what it takes to save Biden’s floundering candidacy?

Singer and songwriter Taylor Swift has been popular for years, both for her music and her journey, attracting fans and business alike. Recently, she has become popular for an entirely different reason, which fans are calling the Swift Effect.

Essentially, Swift’s association with brands and people has greatly impacted how they are perceived by the public and, even more importantly, how popular they are. This has resulted in huge monetary and political gains, all simply because she showed support in one way or another.

Examples of this include Swift’s relationship with NFL star Travis Kelce, in which she was able to boost the brand value of the NFL exponentially just by attending games. The NFL also gained a number of new viewers, which was practically unprecedented.

However, not only sports have been touched by her fame. President Joe Biden himself is currently seeking Swift’s endorsement of his campaign after she helped win him popularity in the 2020 presidential election, which some claim helped him win.

Now some are probably wondering just how much Swift managed to help when it comes to the so-called Swift Effect and the results are surprising. According to published reports by Forbes, by attending one NFL game, Swift increased the overall brand value of the NFL by almost $122 million in just a couple months. It wasn’t just a monetary gain, however. The NFL gained nearly 50% more female viewers, which is almost unheard of in the predominantly male-oriented sports community.

And when it comes to presidential elections, Swift’s endorsement of Biden’s campaign in 2020 through a single Instagram post led to nearly 35,000 new voter registrations, according to The New York Times. Because of this, Biden gained more voters, which helped him win the 2020 presidential election.

The economy has been impacted by Swift as well, through just her music and products alone, coining another term, Swiftonomics. Take Swift’s World Eras Tour. According to Swift’s administration, fans spent about $93 million at each of her shows on tickets, merchandise, transportation, hotels, food and outfits. Add all of her shows up, and that totals about $5.7 billion spent, helping to stimulate the economy. And that’s not even mentioning her other concerts and events.

So with all of this, the question is: What will Swift go on to achieve in the future? Her support for Biden could not only help fundraise thousands of dollars, but voters as well.

Sports could become even more successful than they already are, and countless other organizations could all be impacted just by her passive additions to the spending in the economy. And as Swift herself continues to grow in popularity, her power to back important figures and organizations may grow alongside it. It swiftly makes her an important player in the game.

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