Romantic hot spots at Richland for Valentine’s Day

Simon Pruitt, Managing Editor

Valentine’s Day season is right around the corner! As students across Dallas College look to woo their partner, the perfect date might be sitting right in front of them.

Richland has a load of romantic hideaways for student couples to enjoy themselves and further their education. Here’s the Chronicle’s suggestion for the perfect campus date.

Coffee at Starbucks:

No couple exists without a couple of nice coffee dates. Starbucks in Sabine Hall has drinks and atmosphere to make your Richland date as perfect as any.

With a nice lounge area and massive glass windows that reach all the way to the ceiling, the space is sleek, modern and great for date night.

Shopping at campus store:

Sharing a wall with Starbucks, the Richland Campus store can satisfy all your retail therapy needs. Take your date out for coffee and leave with brand new Thunderduck merchandise.

Dinner at Mama Deluca’s Pizza:

The headliner for your early night out is dinner at Richland’s in-house fine Italian dining establishment, Mama Deluca’s. Experience a semi-authentic menu with customizable pizzas and wings galore.

The El Paso dining hall has plenty of nooks to settle in with your date as you enjoy the cuisine.

Scenic walk:

As your night comes to a close, take a stroll and see the views Richland has to offer. There’s wildlife, fountains and a killer sunset if you catch the right angles.

This Valentine’s Day, consider the Richland campus date. That is, only if you’re interested in sweeping your date off their feet.