Finding my way on the first day back


Raine Caldwell, Staff Writer

Frantically trying to find a parking space at the Dallas College Eastfield Campus wasn’t the only thing that peeved me on my first day back on campus. Having the Dallas college website crash at the start of the semester sent my head in a spiral. It was unexpected and affected many people that use the website. No one knew what to do and couldn’t find their classes.

I had exactly five minutes to find my class within the sea of other college students. I didn’t know where I was going because I couldn’t see my class schedule online. Like others, I had a million things on my mind and having to find a class without knowing the room number added fuel to the fire.

Thankfully, I got helped from an alumna named Emily. She had already received her first bachelor’s degree and was excited to start her journey again.  She couldn’t see her classes online that morning due to the crash and had to come in early to find them. She had other things on her plate, and it was an inconvenience for her as well. Fortunately, she knew where she was going, others were not so lucky.

Dallas College is huge and not having a working website leaves many displaced on all campuses. Walking through the halls I could see the distressed faces. I accidentally bumped into a girl on her phone sighing to herself saying “It isn’t working! What am I going to do?” She had to do like the rest of us and endure.

Luckily, I found my class, but my heart went out to those who couldn’t. Even though it was brief, it was interesting to see what kind of damage a brief website crash could do. Students and staff rely on optimum performance on all platforms, so timely access is key. Hopefully it will be the last of any major technical difficulties in the future and everyone can look forward to a smooth-running website.