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Reflections on earning an All-USA award

Reflections on earning an All-USA award

Arianna Villarreal, Staff Writer | May 16, 2024
Receiving that email on Feb. 26 informing me that I was among the mere 0.9% of nominated students selected for the 2024 All-USA Academic Team, was nothing short of a shock. I mean, being recognized as one of the Top 20 community college students nationwide? It was pretty unexpected. Let me give you some context about this prestigious award. The All-USA Academic Team is an annual recognition sponsored by Phi Theta Kappa and the Cengage Group. It all starts with students applying individually...
There are rows and rows of tulips at Tulipalooza that people can walk through and pick flowers from.

Tulips from the Netherlands, hand grown in Texas

Aislyn Smith, Editor-in-Chief | April 7, 2024
Waxahachie hosted Tulipalooza, the fifth annual Dutch tulip festival March 8-17, and donated some of the proceedings from the event to various local charities in an effort to raise awareness of mental disabilities. The festival featured hundreds of thousands of tulips for DFW and surrounding cities to visit, getting a taste of the Netherlands in Texas. The event featured fun for the family, food trucks, and of course, the colorful rows of tulips. The tulips are imported all the way from Holland in the...
STUDENT VIEWPOINTS: Spring break plans

STUDENT VIEWPOINTS: Spring break plans

March 7, 2024
Abdel-Rahman Hatim: “I’m gonna try to get more gigs for our band, you know? We’re a punk rock band named Pike; our Instagram is @I_pike_I. But yeah, getting more gigs, which is hard.” Ashley Nielson: "I’m gonna spend that time just getting caught up on stuff and relaxing. I might have some friends over to hang out, but yeah, mostly just relaxing.” Patricia Aguilar: “I’m gonna hang out with friends and...


Chronicle Staff | February 28, 2024
News photos of interest to the Richland Campus community. Photo 1: Oran Good Park located at 13300 Dennis Lane in Farmers Branch has just received an interesting new upgrade titled Joya. A glow-in-the-dark playground for kids featuring slides, swings and a large 27-foot sphere with six levels. The playground is monitored by a 24-hour live camera feed, most likely for security reasons. Oran Good Park is located in the center of a cluster of different, unique parks that are ideal for activities ranging...
From the City of Irvings Love on the Run event advertising.

Love on the Run marathon

Angel Marcial, Staff Writer | February 15, 2024
To all couples, rivals, friends and friends of friends, if you are in search of something to get your Valentine’s heart racing this February, search the City of Irving for its annual Love on the Run half-marathon event on Feb. 17. Everyone is welcome on the course whether you are a runner, walker, dog or a baby in a stroller. Lazaro Alvarez, co-founder of the Irving marathon running series said, “It’s an effort to make different events that are fun for the community year-round.” With a unique course...
STUDENT VIEWPOINTS: New Years resolutions

STUDENT VIEWPOINTS: New Year’s resolutions

January 30, 2024
Mecch Obigwe: “My New Year’s resolution was to pray more, get an internship, and to lose some weight. Or get more active. You know what I’m saying? And get good grades.” Joshua Pathisseril: “I am studying for a degree and hopefully gonna be able to join the Air Force with using said knowledge I’ve learned and that is part of my New Year’s resolution along with losing weight.” Savion Daily: It's my...
Former Chronicle editor goes to the red carpet

Former Chronicle editor goes to the red carpet

Ashley Santiago, Staff Writer | January 8, 2024
Laura Peterson is a Dallas College Richland College alumna and a former editor-in-chief of the Richland Chronicle from 2012 to 2013. She now embarks on a new journey in Hollywood, appearing in the Netflix documentary “Why Dinosaurs?” as Laura Garsea, “Clever Fangirl.” Peterson credits her social media presence, which “helped lead to the movie opportunity.” Her Instagram account, which...
Ferdinando Gonzalez shares his story at the Phi Theta Kappa Funding Your Dreams conference back in November.

The journey from tragedy to triumph

Malak Elkady, Editor-at-Large | January 2, 2024
In the landscape of academic accomplishments, there are few stories as luminous as that of Ferdinando Castro Gonzalez, an alumnus of Dallas College Richland Campus. His journey is marked not only by attaining the esteemed Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship and attending the prestigious ivy league Columbia University in New York City but also by making a great impact on campus through commitment to community service and advocacy for mental health. The Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship, renowned for...
Chronicles end-of-year review for 2023

Chronicle’s end-of-year review for 2023

December 31, 2023
The Chronicle staff track the big stories that changed our world in 2023.
Richlands lost and found is in the Office of Student Life and Engagement in El Paso Hall, E040.

ONLINE ONLY: Richland’s lost and found

Aislyn Smith, Editor-in-Chief | December 28, 2023
The Richland Campus lost and found is full of unclaimed items that seem to have been forgotten, and as the Office of Student Life and Engagement prepares to clean out the bins, they urge students and staff alike to come to claim their items. “The system is usually that people bring us stuff. It could be the campus police, it could be a student who says “I found this in the hall.” Jonathan White, OSL staff said.  “And we have a log that we check everything into, where we keep information like when and...
Chronicle photo and story of the semester

Chronicle photo and story of the semester

December 27, 2023
Check out this semester's Chronicle staff choice for both favorite photo and favorite story of the fall term.
WERD radio: Echoes of revolution

WERD radio: Echoes of revolution

Carlos Ortega/Tracey Nicholas, Staff Writers | December 1, 2023
While on a walking tour led by Ernie Suggs, enterprise reporter and manager of the AJC Sepia and first keynote speaker of the 2023 ACP/CMA Fall National College Media Convention, students from across the country found themselves face-to-face with dozens of historical locations along Auburn Avenue in Atlanta, with one stop in particular holding a much more storied past behind its beauty shop window...
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