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Richland Chronicle 5/07/24
Richland Chronicle 5/07/24

UFC 300: A fight night to remember

Staff Illustration/Jesse Serrano

Fighting promotions have been hailed as “exciting” and “thrilling” time and time again through insane knockouts and impressive performances. However, the United Fighting Championship has solidified itself as one of the best to do it.
The UFC hosts its infamous UFC 100 every seven to eight years, a showcase like no other. On April 13 in Las Vegas, the featured UFC 300 marked a turning point in mixed martial arts history.
The fight card, which highlighted 26 fighters and over 12 current or former champions, was incredible. To kick things off, former fly-weight champion Deiveson “Figgy” Figueiredo took on Cody “No Love” Garbrandt, the former 135 champion.
The fight was spectacular, with Cody showing off his usual flair with stylish jabs and uppercuts.
On the other hand, Figgy was aiming for takedowns and quick shots to the body. The second round proved to go in Figgy’s favor when he successfully managed to pull off a rear naked choke to submit Cody.
The following five fights were incredible, with stars from different promotions and legends of the past. However, the highlight of the entire night was Max Holloway vs. Justin Gaethje. Holloway, a former featherweight champion and boxer, made his lightweight debut against the fearsome Gaethje, who also held the BMF title. The matchup was dangerous because both fighters tend to knock out their opponents with viciousness and precision.
Holloway dominated every round with his elite boxing skills. Gaethje was doing just fine. However, he was trailing behind Holloway.
The final seconds of the last round approached, and in typical Holloway fashion, he pointed to the center of the octagon, which is the universal sign to brawl out as much as possible. At the last second of the fight, Holloway landed a brutal right hook that flattened Gaethje and created a forever moment for ev-eryone watching.
The next fight was between the unstoppable Zhang Weili, arguably one of the greatest female fighters of all time. Her opponent was Yan Xiaonan, an up-and-coming fighter from the straw weight division. The fight was incredible, with both women moments from defeating one another. Ultimately, however, Weili’s hand was raised, and she retained her belt.
The night’s final fight was Alex “Poatan” Pereira, a knockout artist known for his deadly left hook, against Jamahal Hill, the former light heavyweight champion.
The fight lasted only one round and was ended by Pereira’s left hook. Hill threw a low kick to the groin, which Pereira shook off, and proceeded to throw one of the final punches to KO Hill.
The night will live in infamy, with legends solidifying themselves and prospects showing exactly why they belong here. The only question is, who will fight who next?

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