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Richland Chronicle 4/09/24
Richland Chronicle 4/09/24

Lights, camera, action!

ChronicleTV making plans for a return
Staff Photoillustration/Aislyn Smith
You could be the next reporter, camera technician or soundmaster for the ChronicleTV.

Dallas College Richland Campus Student Media members are working to bring back TV as a media outlet. ChronicleTV will return, complimenting KDUX WebRadio and the Richland Chronicle newspaper as a third media outlet.
As Student Media’s only video outlet, ChronicleTV will provide news, commentary and infotainment. The program will be spearheaded by Richland freshman Carlos Ortega and supported by Student Media staff and faculty.
According to Erica Edwards, Richland Campus lead journalism faculty and faculty adviser of the School of Creative Arts, Entertainment and Design, this will be nothing new. “We have had success with TV in the past. This is not a new concept, rather a new chapter in ChronicleTV. It has been done before here at Richland for many years. All of our media outlets, including television, have received national recognition and awards. Our plan is to work back to prepandemic levels first, then take ChronicleTV to the next level. We have the support and the equipment. I would love to see it be put to use instead of collecting dust” Edwards said.
As recently as 2019 and throughout the pandemic, Richland Student Media had a television outlet known simply as ChronicleTV. Despite efforts from professors and students to preserve ChronicleTV , the outlet lost momentum during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Ortega is seeking to bring television back into the spotlight at Richland. Along with the help of faculty and students, he hopes to elevate student media and provide an opportunity for people to gain experience for a career in the television industry or to try something new.
Skills acquired in student media are usable in the real world. Students of all levels of experience are welcome to apply for the many positions that need to be filled. These include camera operators, technicians, script writers, editors and reviewers. As always, student media allows for on-the-job training and role placement based on experience. Students can also leverage their experience and sharpen it or develop new skills in the roles they wish to perform.
Currently, ChronicleTV is in the planning phase. “We have a rough timeline. We want to start work on the first edition around April. Right now, we are just working on planning everything and getting it set up. Once everything is all set up, we will strive for a biweekly upload schedule,” Ortega said. He also answered the question of what will happen when he leaves. “Someone else can take over. Hopefully by then, everything will be established. All they have to do is take the reins.”
“The skill level will build among students and the cycle will continue. We anticipate students leaving and going on to lead fulfilling lives wherever they may go. Someone will step in and take the leadership spot,” Edwards said.
Anyone interested in ChronicleTV is encouraged to come to the Student Media newsroom in El Paso Hall, room E020. Meeting times for the TV outlet are Wednesdays from 3:30-4:30 p.m.

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