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Richland Chronicle 4/09/24
Richland Chronicle 4/09/24

Wearing ID mandatory

Badges are required for employees AND students
ID badges are required for both students and employees of Dallas College. (Staff Photo Illustration)

Wearing ID badges is a requirement at Dallas College campuses. According to The Student Code of Conduct Department, ID badges are used to obtain access to college services — the library, computer labs, testing center, etc. If you are not wearing a badge, you may be stopped and asked to identify yourself and your purpose on campus.

You may be asked to retrieve your badge. You may be denied access to specific college services and/or activities.

Lt. James Smith said law enforcement will know you belong in the building if your badge is easily seen. And any suspicious behavior will be treated as a threat until Identification is validated. goes into detail about campus security and how to keep safe.

Identity protection works both ways, Dallas College requires employees to wear ID badges as this will help students know if a teacher or employee is authorized to be in the building. ID badges restrict access to specific machinery and unauthorized areas.

Wearing your badge adds extra layers of security making it more difficult for intruders to enter the facility unnoticed, according to the National Center for Education Statistic.
It is recommended that ID badges always be worn to communicate among peers, teachers, workers and law enforcement that a person has been vetted.

In large buildings on college campuses, people will not enter the property and set up dis- play tables to sell, promote and recruit with- out prior authorization. Keeping the campus safe from intruders is a top priority. James said law enforcement is not involved with policy, they only act whenever there is a threat to safety.

The ID badge station in the Office of Student Life where IDs are made. (Staff Photo/Jason Tejeda)

The ID badge system is useful to help visitors feel comfortable and safe, according to be and the National Center for Education.

Wearing ID is our new normal. Here are a few reasons why ID badges should become part of everyday life. They help safeguard workers, protect important campus assets and relationships.

Wearing your badge can be a meaningful experience by displaying them with colorful lanyards that communicate for people with special needs. The sunflower lanyard attached to the badge is a disability indication to healthcare providers and faculty that this person has needs.

Different colors may also indicate a person’s identity and role in any setting.

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