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Richland Chronicle 5/07/24
Richland Chronicle 5/07/24

New website for Student Media

DFW is the nation’s fifth-largest media market and the largest in the South. The students and staff at the Richland Chronicle constantly provide award-winning journalism through interesting and informative stories.

With the advent of the journalism department’s website,, students can stay up-to-date with Richland College around the clock. The new website features stories from the Chronicle newspaper, news, music, talk programs, podcasts on KDUX WebRadio plus video news and programs on Chronicle TV. The stories are also available on Richland Student Media’s pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

Erica Edwards, program coordinator of journalism and student media, is excited that the journalism department can now be a major cohesive unit.

“The multimedia aspect of our presence has been greatly strengthened. The campus is our immediate audience and community, and our goal is to cover the entire campus thoroughly, fairly and accurately,” Edwards said.

She is encouraging the students and staff to turn to the site for one-stop shopping for news and information.

“Another goal is to give our students the experiences that they need to accompany and to complement their education. The new website is a great tool for students to hone their craft and to strengthen their skill sets,” said Edwards. 

“The fundamentals of journalism will help students become well-trained, ethical, responsible journalists and will help them land terrific jobs and make a difference in the community.” 

Jack Fletcher, coordinator of multimedia production, has been working diligently to improve the television and radio station experience at Richland. Fletcher said the journalism department is now up to date with current industry standards.

The television studios have been fully upgraded to high definition and the three new HD cameras are hooked up with the SONY ANYCAST. The touchscreen digital switcher will be the new center for television production, especially in newscasts. With the presidential election and fall sports coming up, live on-the-scene, picture-in-picture reports can be available during any news program, plus live video calls via Skype. 

A new radio streaming service is also available that allows students to broadcast commercial-free programming.

On the newspaper side, brand new high resolution digital cameras will bring more depth into the Richland Chronicle’s pages. 

“The main thing about the student media website is its simplicity so that the content can speak for itself,” Fletcher said.

Students can update the website anytime with the latest content from all media at Richland, bringing more versatility. Richland has upgraded its media resources to bringhigh-quality programming via radio and television, allowing students to use state-of-the-art news gathering and editing software.

With on-the-job training and practical experience in print, television and radio production, students are encouraged to use these media resources to tell their stories. Richland journalism students have been recognized by numerous state and national press organizations and have also received many group and individual awards and scholarships.

Richland’s journalism program is looking for students who are interested in pursuing careers in mass communications. Skills learned in journalism are transferrable to many other disciplines including communications, marketing, media relations and business. Those in different majors who are interested in volunteering with Student Media must be a student at Richland student, abide by the rules and give priority to students meeting project deadlines for journalism classes. 

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