‘Broker’ review: How much is a newborn worth?

Raine Caldwell, Staff Writer

The life of a human being is valued differently among the masses. Specifically, there is a worldwide debate as to whether the life and well-being of a child is decided in law or in love. This unique dilemma is exactly what I got when I watched the movie “Broker”

In Korean with English subtitles, the drama begins with So-young, played by South Korean singer and actress IU, giving up her child at an infant drop box. She is watched by detective Lee, portrayed by Lee Joo-young, and Soo-jin, played by Bae Doona.

They are investigating a human trafficking ring that is hidden by the creators of the drop box, Sang-Hyeon and Dong-Soo, played by Song Kang-Ho and Gang Dong-won.

It is revealed that So-young regrets her choice and goes back only to find her child in the hands of the traffickers. With the promise of a lump sum of money, she then travels with them to ensure that her son is bought by someone of responsible and loving nature. As beautiful as this sounds, So-young will soon learn the consequences of her actions and those involved.

Writer-director Koreeda Hirokazu has always been in the light of film and television. He has written and directed “Shoplifters,” “The Truth” and “Like Father Like Son”, winning many awards in his storied career. With “Broker,” he brings on many notable actors like Song Kang-ho, who has been in award winning films like “Parasite.” The actors really give stunning performances in ensuring that the audience roots for all sides in this story.

“Broker” highlights the sensitive topic of human trafficking and does so by giving the inner monologues of those involved. The film portrays an unfortunate reality that mirrors similar cases that are being presented to this day.

I recommend this film to those looking to broaden their horizons as the film inflicts empathy for every character introduced.