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Rickys picks for scary family fun

Ricky’s picks for scary family fun

Ricky Miller, Staff Writer | October 31, 2023
Chronicle Entertainment Editor Ricky Miller takes a whack at some good old-fashioned spooky family fun with five favorites the entire family can enjoy together this Halloween.
Rickys Top 13 for Halloween

Ricky’s Top 13 for Halloween

Ricky Miller, Entertainment Editor | October 27, 2023
Hold on to your pumpkin Charlie Brown, Chronicle Entertainment Editor Ricky Miller shares some of his favorite ghoulish Halloween flicks for your viewing pleasure...

Halloween bash a success

Blanca Reyes, Editor-in-Chief | November 28, 2022

Photos from Halloween costume contest and fall celebration at Dallas College, Richland campus.


‘Halloween Ends’ as a disappointment

November 14, 2022

From the first scene, “Halloween Ends” is a disjointed mess of ridiculous ideas and antics. The setting is the fictional town of Haddonfield, Illinois, four years after the events that occurred in “Halloween Kills” (2021).

With this sequel and official end to the franchise, the end of the gravy train ends with this tale. I even stuck around to make sure there was no stinger at the end of this misguided mess.


‘Oh Harry,’ … A cartoon by Jerry Weiss

Jerry Weiss, Staff Cartoonist | November 1, 2022

“Oh, Harry, he may have flunked your exam paper but how is he going to pass you now?”

HONORING THE DEAD: Professor explains ritual fall traditions

HONORING THE DEAD: Professor explains ritual fall traditions

October 31, 2022

Winter is nature’s metaphor for death. Impending signs of “aging” appear, such as the transition to cold weather, shifting of outdoor bustle of the summer to quieter indoor life, completion of harvest, slumber of the earth, burrowing and hibernation of animals, shed- ding of tree leaves, sallow branches, gray and dark sky, shorter days and longer nights. The time between October end and early November is a period of “in-between” - summer and winter, neither hot nor cold, halfway between the autumn equinox and winter solstice - a gateway between this world and another, the world of spirits.

Spirits are departed souls, who play the role of beneficent ancestors when appeased and malefic demons when dishonored. The traditions of Halloween, Dia de los Muertos, and Shraddha are three different rituals that honor the dead during this transitional time period.


Ricky’s TAKE 5 – Horror Edition

October 28, 2022

“Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn” (1987) -- The great Sam Raimi directed this horror-comedy. Our hero, Ash (Bruce Campbell ), fights the undead in a cabin in the woods. A-

“Addams Family Values” (1993) -- This fantasy-comedy made me laugh and chuckle all the way through. When a fellow camper asks why Wednesday (Christina Ricci ) is dressed all in black, she just states, “Wait.” B-

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