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The food pantry at Richland Campus in open in the summer.

Feeding people over the summer

Blanca Reyes, Editor-in-Chief | June 27, 2023
Summer, for many, means vacations, sun and fun. However, things do not always get easier, and sometimes, summer also means food uncertainty. When that’s  the case, the Dallas College food pantry on the Richland campus  is here to help. Since the regular semester is over, many students and members of the community might have not access to some resources, but the Richland Basic Needs and Community Connections Department is not taking any break from their mission. The food pantry remains open during the summer months.

Food pantry at Richland just keeps feeding

Raine Caldwell, Staff Writer | December 2, 2022

Students at Dallas college can count on the staff and administrators to always have their best interest at heart, because it is more than just a college. It is a community college and as a community, it is important for all members to have basic necessities. This is why the food pantry at Richland Campus welcomes all students in need. Whether it is a snack between meals or dinner for the week, students can count on the pantry Monday through Thursday.

The Richland Pantry prides itself with its employees and work study staff. They are students’ peers who walk the same campus as students every day. They are the ones who make everything happen. When students come through the door, they are greeted and welcomed by staff with a smile, creating a safe space for those in need.

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