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Richland Chronicle 12/05/23
Richland Chronicle 12/05/23

Ducktoberfest 2023: Thunderducks have fun

Field Day gives students a much needed stress break
Students race against each other outside of El Paso Hall as they compete for prizes. (Staff Photos/Christian Reyes)

As a way to alleviate the stress and pressures of classes and exams, the Office of Student Life and Engagement hosted the second annual field day known as Ducktoberfest on Oct.23.
The people and organizations working on this event envisioned a much-needed break and an injection of some fun into students’ campus lives.
The event featured a wide range of activities catering to various interests and preferences.
Students participated in competitions such as cornhole, tug-of-war, dodgeball, bouncy obstacle course, swinging ball bounce platform, sack races and three-legged race, sparking competition and team spirit.

Sofia Barba bounces through the obstacle course at Ducktoberfest.

For those looking for a more laid-back experience, there were some interactive games, including four in a row and Jenga.
They also included refreshments such as slushies, lemonade and water with some variety of food options going along with hot dogs, nachos, cotton candy and popcorn.
While the event was happening, there was some light drizzle falling, but the students were still able to enjoy field day.
“Honestly, I was running and jumping and doing pirouettes like you wouldn’t believe. Fun stuff.  Honestly couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw festivities, my eyes bulged out of my friggin’ head,” Bryan Jose Rodriguez said.
The Office of Student Life and members of the College Activities Board played a vital role in organizing and orchestrating the event, ensuring that it was successful.
Many people from the OSL office and faculty members volunteered to run booths for Ducktoberfest. Sophia Barba, president of the College Activities Board, said, “My goal was to have everyone bouncing with joy.
“The second annual event went wonderfully well thanks to the main organizer and Richland campus’ CAB members and all involved did a wonderful job in keeping everything flowing.”

“I think all students had a fun time from having everything like an obstacle course, cotton candy and lots of field games.”
“We thought it would rain, but the universe arranged itself to feel our desires and kept the rain away,” Jonathan White, engagement coordinator said.
The Ducktoberfest goal was to give students a break. It was a success allowing students to have fun and enjoy their day.
Many students received a free Dallas College Field Day shirt to commemorate this eventful day.

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